When It’s Time To Speak To Someone About Your Loss

When It’s Time To Speak To Someone About Your Loss

Anyone who has ever been through a bereavement before will be able to tell you how tough it is.


Of course, no death in a family or friendship group is ever the same, each case and each set of emotions are completely different, and the toughest thing is that for the most part we have to go through a lot of our mourning alone. 


Even though there might be lots of support around you including your funeral directors in Cairns, you are still the only person who can communicate with your inner self, and that’s where it really matters.


Here at Simply Affordable Funerals, we can’t recommend seeing someone highly enough.


Here are some key signs that show it might be time to seek professional help about your loss.

  • Pay attention to the close family and friends around you. If your grief seems to be holding you back in a much more noticeable way when everyone else is starting to get back to a picture of ‘normalcy’, then it’s a clear sign that you are having a tougher time than anyone else.

  • If the way you feel about your loss is having an impact on your ability to work or socialise with others, even long after the funeral period has elapsed, then you might want to consider talking to a professional. If left untreated and unresolved, the pain of mourning can last a long time and can start to impact on your wider life in lots of negative ways.

  • Sometimes, your mourning process is a much slower one, and by the time you want to open up and talk about your grief with those close to you, they might have moved on be reluctant to discuss it at length. On these occasions, opting for a professional to talk to can be a really healthy and positive outlet. You need to make sure that all of your feelings and emotions are given the space to come out in some sort of capacity.

Hopefully those pointers can help you to see that seeking help for loss doesn’t show any kind of weakness, it actually shows great awareness and strength of character to admit you are struggling.


Work on yourself and let our funeral directors in Cairns deal with all of the admin and small tasks.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, a member of the experienced team will deal with your situation with great sensitivity.

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