What You Need to Know When Planning A Funeral

What You Need to Know When Planning A Funeral

It’s not an occasion anyone looks forward to, but a funeral is still an event that requires planning and thought.

Unless the deceased has thought ahead and pre-arranged their funeral – which indeed is becoming more and more common these days – it is up to the closest relative to make the arrangements.

We arrange all sorts of Cairns funerals here at Simply Affordable Funerals but each one has some basics.  

What Your Funeral Director Does

When you engage the professional services of a funeral director, they will:

  • Liaise with cemetery or crematorium
  • Transport the deceased
  • Prepare or embalm of the body
  • Complete the legal paperwork and documentation
  • Supply the hearse and staff on the day
  • Organise florists and newspaper notices

These items are usually done on a fixed fee basis with additional extras as requested. Be sure to check what your funeral director fee includes. 

Burial or Cremation

This should always be the first consideration. Most people will usually have expressed their preference so it’s usually a straightforward decision.

If, however, you are undecided, we can talk through the options.

This includes helping you choose a coffin or urn, both of which we offer in numerous styles. 

Order of Service

You can set your own order, but you should note if you are planning a religious funeral that while most religions are flexible in what can be included, some religions have guidelines for the order of service.

We can liaise with your religious minister about this. If the deceased wants faith to be part of the service but did not have a regular place of worship, we can liaise with an appropriate minister.


Sorry, but this is inevitable. Obviously, the more bells and whistles you add and the bigger and more elaborate the funeral, the higher the costs.

Generally, you can expect to pay less for a cremation than a burial.

The basic costs are funeral director’s fees, permits, death certificate, transport for body and mourners, cemetery plot, burial or cremation and casket or urn. 

We have been conducting funerals in Cairns for many years now and we are happy to tailor our services to your exact requirements for a reasonable price.

Contact us and a friendly, experienced member of our team will happily discuss your needs. 

For more information to aid in funeral ceremonies, view our previous blog post.

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