How Can We Celebrate Our Loved Ones?

How Can We Celebrate Our Loved Ones?

When a loved one passes away, we’re left to wonder how to celebrate their life respectfully. At the moment, as Cairns and the rest of Australia recovers from a global pandemic, organising a fitting send-off can feel even more challenging with limits being placed on guest numbers and travel still heavily restricted.

Although postponing a memorial service until it is safe to gather in groups is one option, offering closure and honoring the loss of a family member or friend is more time-sensitive. To accept death and begin healing, many people feel an immediate need to remember their loved ones and to know that they have been laid to rest with dignity.

Given current guidelines, how can we celebrate the life of a loved one?  Simply Affordable Funerals would like to share our recommendations for gestures to offer a meaningful goodbye, and respectfully honor your loved one while keeping our most vulnerable Australians safe and healthy.

Embracing technology

The recent advances in technology now make it possible to participate in a funeral remotely. Although some people believe that computers are a very impersonal means of sharing news, digital tributes can be viewed by friends and family worldwide and can create a long-lasting memorial that will not fade with time.

Live-streamed funeral services are now offered by most providers. Discreetly placed cameras in the venue capture the moment and share it online. Family and friends may watch the service in real-time or visit the website later and watch the recorded video. Live streams are password-protected so that only people you invite to watch are able to do so.

Social Media Tributes

Whether photos, videos, or written memories, offer an easy way to share the story of your loved one. Others grieving the same loss can walk the journey with you, and reading your memorial can encourage other stories to be shared.

Pre-recorded Video

Tributes may be played during a funeral service, or shared online. These do not have to be full life eulogies, an informal storytelling session recounting your favorite memories with the deceased can be easier to record and provide a more genuine recounting of their life.

Digital Guestbooks

Can be created to offer a space online for messages of condolence and love. An online guestbook cannot be damaged as a physical book might, and has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Photo Montages

Can be added and shared online or during a funeral or memorial service. Selecting a few of your loved one’s favorite songs can create a truly personal feel.

Of course, current restrictions won’t be in place forever, however, with people now traveling and living worldwide, many of these options can continue to be used well into the future. It is our hope that we can continue to connect families wherever they may be and celebrate a life well lived all over the world.

Simply Affordable Funerals is here for the residents of Cairns, Mareeba, and the Atherton Tablelands with compassionate and affordable funeral options through the effects of COVID-19 and beyond.

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