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funerals cairns

At Simply Affordable Funerals & Cremations, we understand planning funeral service can be incredibly difficult, so our team is here to guide you through it, and deliver a touching ceremony.  All throughout Cairns and the greater Tablelands region, we’re known for highly personalised and meaningful funerals, delivered with professionalism and genuine care.

On a budget? Not a problem. Just sit down and speak to our experienced and understanding directors.

We are generally around half the cost of the bigger funeral homes, while still creating a beautiful send-off for your loved one.

Funeral Preparations

We take pride in being a small business, that works with you on a personal level to help reduce your stress about planning such an important event during an emotional time. There is no describing the difficulties of losing a loved one, but there are important preparations that need to be made before a funeral can take place.

Feel free to call Simply Affordable Funerals & Cremations for incredibly sympathetic and patient advice on these matters. If there are no set funeral arrangements already laid out, you may also want to speak to your family, and friends of the departed to hear their wishes about the type of ceremony they feel is appropriate.

After police and medical procedures are completed, now is the time to contact your local funeral home.

Our experienced team can then assist you with the following steps:


  • Liaise with the coroner or medical institution to collect the body
  • Obtaining a Medical
  • Certificate for Cause of Death
  • Assessing any funeral or life insurance
  • Checking if the departed left any specific requests or plans for the ceremony i.e. if they wished to be buried or cremated
  • Deciding on a budget for the service
  • Choosing a casket or coffin
  • Choosing a grave plot & headstone
  • Other arrangements for the ceremony
  • Organising a death notice in local publications
  • Planning the wake
Funeral Service flowers Cairns

Remember, we are here to make this process as bearable as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you need to along the way.

Funeral Ceremony

When you’re celebrating the life of someone close to you, you need everything to be perfect. That’s where Simply Affordable Funerals & Cremations comes in.

We can design inexpensive memorial services that are simple, effective, and portray the right mood and emotion as well as the unique aspects of that

person’s life that the attendees loved most.

From the flowers to the officiation of the speeches and proceedings, our directors will guide you through all the arrangements. We do our best to tailor the service to meet your specific requirements and liaise with the venue in order to implement any special aspects of the ceremony.

We also assist with the sourcing of memorial cards, invitations, audio-visual equipment, and other decorations. Our directors will often present you with several options from different price ranges.

Whatever your final decisions are, we’ll ensure you get an excellent result for the cost.

Please note, at the moment we do not provide open casket services.

Of course, our staff will be there for support during the ceremony to ensure it runs smoothly, without intruding on the proceedings.

The goal is for all administrative details to be handled, so you and the other attendees can focus on paying respects to the departed.

See our FAQ page for more information on arranging a funeral.

Whether require immediate assistance or have any other questions regarding our funeral services, please call Kris at any time.