Funeral Protocol Updates for QLD

Funeral Protocol Updates for QLD

Simply Affordable Funerals understands the restrictions to limited gatherings for funerals has created a difficult environment for grieving family members. Our funeral directors in Cairns are staying up to date with the current governmental guidelines to ensure safety for our clients and loved ones.

After a long period of very limiting numbers of funeral attendees, the Queensland government has announced an update of Funeral Protocol attendees and relevant conditions to be met.

With this update, the funeral audience has been increased to 100 people plus an additional 3 funeral officials for Funerals in Queensland either indoors or outdoors.

Certain conditions must be met during the updated protocol, including the Next of Kin retaining a register of attendees with contact details for 8 weeks. This register is to help with contact tracing in case anyone attending the funeral has contracted COVID-19.

The venue must be a sufficient size to adhere to social distancing measures. Standard health adherence also applies, where if feeling unwell you should not attend public gatherings.

Exemptions can be made to the number of attendees on compassionate grounds, with considerations made on public health risk and human rights. To apply for an exemption, gather any relevant information and submit your application.

With these updated restrictions, our funeral directors in Cairns are educated and knowledgable to help you create a safe and comfortable space for your funeral. Contact us today.