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Kris and Naomi have extensive knowledge of all processes involved in funeral and cremation services. As the toughest time in anyone’s life, we understand you will have a lot of questions. That’s why we have listed some common queries we have received, and our answers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Kris and Naomi from Simply Affordable Funerals & Cremations for further information.

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Not necessarily, though considered tradition in most cultures, often a simple cremation is conducted instead. This option is generally cheaper and allows the memorial service or gathering to be held at a later time.

Legally the responsibility lies with the executor of the will. They are generally the next of kin or an agreed upon family member. This person has authority to make and must agree to any major decisions regarding the burial or cremation.

There are many aspects of the ceremony which need to be considered, that our knowledgeable directors can assist you with.

These include:

  • How many attendees will there be?
  • Will a hearse or other funeral transport be required?
  • Is venue easy to get to?
  • Do you need to send out invitations or notices?
  • Does the venue have adequate parking?
  • What time of day will the ceremony be held?
  • Is any special equipment required?
  • Who will officiate the ceremony?
  • Have you selected pallbearers?

Our experienced directors will assist you in every step of this process to ensure the ceremony goes ahead without incident.

While a casket is rectangular with a hinged lid, a coffin is tapered roughly to the shape of the body and the lid is fully removable. Caskets are generally the preferred choice for modern funeral services, and can vary greatly in style, price and material.

No, we don’t currently offer open casket viewings. However, we offer all other funeral services.