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Cremations are another option for when a funeral service, that is attended by family and friends. 

Many people also express their wishes to their families to be cremated after death.

Cremation Services

Our Funeral directors undertake every detail of this emotional process with exceptional professionalism, understanding, and care. 

Our team will listen to and accommodate any special requests you may have.


After the cremation, you then need to decide whether to retain the ashes or not. 

We also have two options for cremations which are: Cremation Only and a Cremation Funeral.


Our team is always here to help 24 hours a day, whatever your questions or you just need someone to talk our Team is here to listen and assist you through this time. 


For more information and pricing on cremations, contact us on 0418 422 628

Urns For Ashes

Should you choose to keep the ashes, we can source a large variety of contemporary or traditional style urns, so you’re sure to find the perfect vessel for honouring your departed friend, family member or partner.


Another option is memorial jewellery, where a small vessel—held on a necklace, pendant or bracelet—is filled with a portion of the ashes. If required, one of our directors can also assist with placing the ashes into the urn or jewellery.


If you decide not to keep the ashes, our team can either scatter the ashes on your behalf or hand them over in a temporary container. It is then up to you as to when and where you want to scatter them. However, we will be on hand to offer delicate advice should you need it.


You may also want to have the spreading of ashes attended by close family and friends or officiated by a religious figure.

For more information and pricing on cremations, please call our Funeral directors in Carins on 0418 422 628

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