9 Ways To Shop Smart For Direct Cremation

9 Ways To Shop Smart For Direct Cremation

As the cost of traditional funerals rise, more people than ever are considering cremation. This is not surprising, as an average funeral costs between $6131 and $7764. Since a funeral is often unexpected, many people don’t have that money on hand.

With studies showing 66% of Australians would choose cremation over burial, the simpler way to honour loved ones is gaining popularity.

Here at Simply Affordable Funerals Carins, we present nine ways to have a budget-friendly and meaningful cremation.

Understand your rights

This is absolutely essential. Before beginning to plan your funeral, keep in mind that you have the right to:

•           Only purchase the funeral arrangement you wish
•           Receive an accurate quote (online or over the phone)
•           Receive a fully itemised price list when visiting funeral homes
•           You don’t have to be embalmed if you choose not to
•           Have your choice of container (rather than a cremation casket)

Define your wishes

What kind of send-off do you see yourself having? Are you thinking of a traditional funeral or a more informal gathering? Do you want to select the music, flowers and catering? Our knowledgeable team can help you realise those wishes.

Explore your options

Just like any other purchase, it is very important to look into every cremation option. There isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all” solution for everyone, so researching will help you find the ideal choice. There’s an abundance of comparison websites that objectively present the pros and cons of each provider.

Shop around

Cremation is definitely the more cost-effective burial option. However, it’s still important to do your homework. Start by asking your funeral home for a comprehensive price list. This should break down the overall costs, along with an itemised list.

Have a discussion

It’s a hard conversation, but one of the most important you’ll ever have. To make the talk about your funeral easier, there are plenty of online platforms you can utilise. Online groups such as “Death Cafes” and “Death Over Dinner” can help you practice what you want to say.

Set money aside

While death is a certainty for everyone, many of us do not have money put aside. So, take the burden off your loved ones. We recommend setting up another bank account and putting a little away each month. Before too long, you’ll have enough to cover the end-of-life celebration you want to have.

Understand what’s included

You may opt for a complete package or take the “ala carte” approach. Whatever you choose, ensure you know exactly what the price covers. Make sure the company is transparent on pricing too, so you’re aware of any hidden fees.

Finalise your plans

At some point, we all have to consider our own final wishes. For instance, you may wish to have family and friends gather on the beach or in a park. Arranging your end-of-life plans is similar to organising a wedding or large gathering. You can also decide whether faith should be an integral part.

Ditch tradition

Today, there are many ways to inform friends and relatives of your loved one’s passing. So, why not ditch the standard newspaper obituary all together? Instead, encourage everyone to leave memories and photos on a personal website or social media.

For help planning the send-off you want, call 0418 422 628 or contact us the experts at Simply Affordable Funerals today.