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Personalised Funeral & Cremation Services in Cairns

In the most trying time for your family, the last thing you want to deal with is the enormous cost of a funeral. Simply Affordable Funerals & Cremations specialises in creating personalised services that help you express your love for your departed friend, partner or relative.

Please contact our caring and compassionate staff to begin planning the funeral or cremation service.

Please note, we do not currently offer open casket viewing.

From a simple service to something extravagant that shows off the personality of your loved one—our directors can create a unique ceremony to meet your requests.

If the deceased wished not to have a funeral service, then cremation is a lower cost option.

Our Funeral Planning Process

No one wants to have to plan a funeral. The loss of a loved one is painful, daunting and fraught with stress. 

There are any factors a next of kin will have to deal with when arranging a funeral, from small details like first calls and transportation of the deceased, to planning the service and all relevant financial and administrative matters. 

If the funeral has not been pre-arranged, the days following death can be a whirlwind of change, pressure and hard-to-make decisions. That is why choosing the right funeral director is imperative. 

They will help you handle all decisions relating to the funeral service and can even take control of relevant financial details when required—allowing you to focus on grieving and getting through such a difficult time. See our guide to planning a funeral below:

Deciding on the Service

If your loved one never made their wishes known, choosing between a burial or cremation can be difficult without all the necessary information at hand. A funeral director will walk you through the benefits of each, taking into account your budget and the deceased’s religious beliefs.


Many people have quite strong feelings on this subject, as respecting the remains of their loved ones is of the utmost importance. For some, the concept of scattering or keeping ashes is comforting, while to others burial or entombment in a mausoleum is preferable. This decision is one of the first you will have to make.

Planning the Funeral

There are many things to consider when planning a funeral service, including the venue, flowers, music, catering, speeches and more. A funeral director can help simplify this entire process by putting the options right in front of you.

Whether you want the service paired with the burial or wish to have a wake, our funeral directors can help you organise the entire event. Get in contact today!